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Portable, Electric ULV Misting Applicator

Designed and built by Engineers and Technicians with years of actual “in the field” experience.

A truly professional workman-like Portable ULV Misting Applicator.

  • Powered by a Samsung 700 Watt Motor – 220/240 Volt

  • Variable Flow Rate – Needle Valve Adjustment

  • Set Flow Rate – Fixed Solution Flow Rate Valves

  • Brass or Stainless Steel Fittings Option

  • Interchangeable Formulation Tanks – 4lt, 6lt and 9lt Options

  • Static or Mobile – Stationary, Wheelie, Cart – Options

  • Physically 2/3 the size of The BOSS 1330

  • Most parts are interchangeable with all PronixNova products

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