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Corona Virus and Public Health

We all know the current pandemic has shaken the world, made us question what we do in our day to day lives and wonder how we'll 'get back to normal'.

PronixNova is here to help. Environments where you'll come into contact with others will be safe once again. We've been developing our product range over the past 5 years, never did we think we'd see something like Corona Virus across the world but this doesn't mean we weren't prepared for it.

Our teams around the globe have been working day and night to ensure we design the best possible products for the job in hand, meet global demand and make those coming back to their usual work and educational environments feel safe.

Where can you use our products? Just about any indoor space:

Hospitals, hotels, pubs, clubs, gyms, places of worship, arenas, schools, restaurants, public holiday venues, farms, warehouses, bathrooms, public transport, aircraft.

For out door and agricultural spaces: Urban areas, crop fields, gardens, greenhouses and more. Contact us if you're wondering about a specific use case.

View our product range, we're sure to have the correct product for the job in hand.

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