PronixNova Ltd, designs and builds its products by listening to what  the customer believes he or she needs and NOT by us telling the customer what we think he or she should have!

With our Global development team of Design Engineers, working seamlessly with our Fabrication and Formulation  teams, PronixNova Ltd manufacturers products to the exacting standards of high quality and performance which we demand of ourselves and that which our customers expect.

These innovative, practical and durable products are distributed to the Global Market Sectors of Agriculture, Horticulture, Intensive Animal Housing, Insect Vector Management and Human Public Health, Military Preventative Medical Units, Commercial Pest Management Contractors and General Industry.

PronixNova Ltd, also offers Commercial and Custom Design, In-House Product Manufacture, Global Distribution and Product Support of our:

  • Commercial Spray and Fine Droplet Application Equipment.

  • Specialty Chemical Formulations.

  • TITAN-Tech AIR MOVERS by PronixNova Ltd.

PronixNova Ltd, is itself a relatively new start-up company but this does not mean it is limited in required experiences – the Proprietors of the company have years of experience in General Chemical Application techniques: including more than a combined 75 years specializing in the design, manufacture and the global distribution of Fine Droplet Application equipment – notably ULV Mist and Thermal Fog Applicators plus more than 40 years in designing, manufacturing and distributing a significant range of Industrial and Commercial Air Moving Fans and Systems.

PronixNova Ltd looks forward to assisting our Distributors, their organizations and their End User customers to get the very best results from the products we manufacture and support.

PronixNova Ltd

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