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PronixNova Ltd is an Australian – British consortium established in Hong Kong in June 2014 to Design, Manufacture and Globally Market a range of Fine Droplet application equipment, Agricultural & Industrial Air Movers, selected Specialty Chemical Products – such as, Fog Enhancers, Droplet Anti-Evaporants, Odour Management Products & associated products.

PronixNova Ltd supplies to and supports the following market sectors:

  • Federal, State & Municipal Authorities

  • Public Health & Hygiene Organizations

  • Military, Government Institutions & Agencies

  • General Industrial Sectors

  • Primary Industry – Agriculture/Horticulture/Animal Health/Forestry

With more than 75 years of combined global experience in small droplet application technology PronixNova Ltd, together with its Western consortium of design and manufacturing capabilities, prides itself on overcoming all the issues with conventional machines and strives towards producing products of quality, durability and precision of performance.

We are the supplier of machines that are:


  • Innovative, Patented and which incorporate the latest technology


  • Designed to overcome often common field-based issues


  • Guaranteed with Warranty that endorses our 1st Class Quality


  • Compliant with WHO guidelines and carry CE Certification


  • Manufactured in ISO certified facilities


  • All put through rigorous quality control examination

Our equipment lines currently include:

  • Hand-Held Electric ULV Misters


  • Mobile Electric ULV Misters


  • Elevated, Cart, Bench-Top & Vertical ULV Mister Versions


  • Pulse Jet Thermal Fog Applicators

  • Agricultural, Industrial and Commercial AIR MOVERS


  • Vehicle Mounted ULV Applicator


  • A range of Specialty Chemical products

Distributing our products globally:

We have established / developing Regional Sales & Distribution hubs with technical & commercial staff in:


  • East & West Europe and North Africa


  • Middle East


  • Asia-Pacific and Oceania


  • North, Central & South America

  • South and Central Africa


PronixNova Ltd

Room 2006-8, 20F
Two Chinachem Exchange Square
338 King’s Road, North Point
Hong Kong

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