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Protection Against Virus, Bacteria and Fungus.

SF Sanifog is a novel DDAC that kills Coronavirus. It is a disinfectant which has been widely used for the disinfection of areas such as offices, nurseries, schools, houses, restaurants, gyms, movie theatres, governmental institutions and more. It has also been extensively used in the poultry and other agriculture
sectors of many parts of the world.


What makes SF Sanifog so unique is that it is a highly effective disinfectant, yet it has very low toxicity. It is the least toxic disinfectant in the market. SF Sanifog is of such low toxicity that it is registered in many parts of the world to be included in the drinking water of chickens and also to be sprayed on poultry.

The SF-Sanifog Disinfectant Aerosol Fogger is an easy and ready-to-use highly effective disinfectant, in a pressurised can. Once triggered, the can will empty, producing a very fine aerosol mist which can be used to disinfect any closed area of approximately up to 150m3 per 500g aerosol can. The fog will reach all areas of the environment, offering total protection of the area.

SF Sanifog has been extensively tested against a wide range of naked viruses. The naked viruses, such as Parvovirus, Circoviruses, Reoviruses, Adenoviruses and Birnaviruses (Infectious bursal disease virus), are widely regarded as the most difficult viruses to kill. SF Sanifog has been tested and has been found to be effective against all of these viruses.

Coronaviruses are enveloped viruses. The enveloped viruses are generally much more susceptible to the action of disinfectants than the highly resistant naked viruses. The inactivation of enveloped virus is much easier to achieve, and SF Sanifog has been found to be highly effective against all enveloped viruses which have been tested, including Coronavirus, orthomyxoviruses (Influenza virus) and paramyxovirus (Newcastle disease virus).

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