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Company Profile... PronixNova UK Ltd: Experience, innovation, customer care, product support.

A new, innovative, customer and operator focused manufacturer of global vector pest management equipment has arrived: PronixNova UK Limited. Between them, the two proprietors of PronixNova have over 75 years combined experience in fine droplet application methods covering field use, product design and manufacture.

Following the take-over of Curtis Dynafog Ltd in 2014 the company’s Asia Pacific region Managing Director, Mr John Grant (an Australian citizen) and his British colleague Mr Roger Pinder, ex General Manager FMC Specialty Chemicals South East Asia & Pacific and ex Curtis Dynafog distributor for Indonesia, formed PronixNova with the express purpose of providing first class products that are innovative, operator-friendly and easy to maintain.

john Grant.jpg

Mr John Grant

The company is headquartered in Hong Kong but all the manufacturing is done by its Singaporean partners in a purpose built and fully supervised ISO 9001 accredited factory in Thailand.

The company’s international design team of experienced professional engineers working in the UK, Australia and Thailand were brought together with the brief to design and produce the most up to date and innovative products on the market today. In all aspects of production from concept to design and product build the company seeks to achieve a first class, high quality product.

A standout feature of the products is that they are all “field-friendly”. Most products can be serviced, stripped down and repaired, in the field, without the need to return to the workshop and with the tools usually at hand.

PronixNova offers an extended and generous warranty on all its products covering all aspects that could be regarded as faulty workmanship.

Supporting structures – mounting frames, platforms, guards, heat shields, fitting mounts – are primarily built of stainless steel with all models available finished in ‘hairline’ stainless steel or with the stainless steel coated – Powder Coated / EDP (Electrophoretically Deposited Paint) to the colour of the customer’s choice.

Standard fittings are also typically of stainless steel but other options such as brass are available if preferred by the customer.

Roger Pinder.png

Mr Roger Pinder

Electric, portable, ULV mist applicators


Currently, PronixNova manufactures and supplies three, electric powered portable Ultra Low Volume (ULV) mist applicators. The smallest in terms of physical size is the CHIEF Series of two models:

  • The CHIEF 700 ULV Mist Applicator, a 230 Volt, 700 Watt model.

  • l The CHIEF 1000 ULV Mist Applicator, a 120 Volt, 1000 Watt model.


It also produces a larger model;

  • The BOSS 1330 ULV Mist Applicator a 230 Volt 1330 Watt model.


The 120 Volt 1000 Watt motor can also be supplied with the larger BOSS model upon request.

A significant feature of all the motor housing and nozzle assemblies is that there are no metal screws through plastic to hold the structure together. PronixNova uses threaded plastic caps to secure the motor in place, and to hold the nozzle components and the assembly together. Pressurized air loss is zero and plastic to plastic assembly ensures continual grip and a good seal.

The three models, the CHIEF 700/1000 and the BOSS 1330, are patented and whilst in themselves are handheld and therefore portable their field of use has been enhanced by the design and manufacture of a tubular stainless steel framed support structure to enable each model to either be mobile and wheeled or placed as a standalone unit.

This simple wheeled, framed support structure converts any of the three models into the PronixNova CEO Frame Supported ULV Mist applicator range. Differing sized formulation tanks (4, 6 and 9 litre) are available to fit within the frame support structure.

Also available to utilize with any of the current three electric ULV Mist applicators is the PronixNova COMBO 5-in-1. This is an exciting and unique system of modular units coming together to produce a powerful, mobile, fan assisted and elevated ULV Mist applicator for use in any large enclosed systems like greenhouses, poultry houses or warehouses.


By rearranging the framing modules of the COMBO 5-in-1, which is a simple and quick operation, the operator can configure several different fan-assisted versions: a wheeled trolley ULV mist applicator, a stationary benchtop mist applicator and a vertical (either stationary or mobile) mist applicator. By using the formulation tank basket together with the base ULV Mister (the CHIEF or the BOSS) a trailed or wheeled non fan-assisted version is also available.

PRIME thermal fog applicator

The PronixNova PRIME thermal fog applicator is also fully constructed with stainless steel – and is supplied as untreated ‘hairline’ stainless steel or coated to the customer’s choice. It is durable and strong with a performance that clearly meets and, in many ways, exceeds the WHO guidelines for such machines.

To remove, replace or inspect the whole barrel assembly simply undo two clamps, remove two nuts and disconnect the fluid delivery line, a task that takes a maximum of three minutes. If need be it can all be done in the field, something that cannot be achieved with any other thermal fog applicator on the market today! Similarly, the other major components; air pump, carburettor and battery can all can be removed, inspected and, if necessary, replaced in the field with the tools to hand.

The standard battery is a robust, fully sealed, rechargeable 12 volt unit supplied with a charger and it produces a strong and reliable ignition.

The PRIME thermal fog applicator is capable of dispensing both a thermal fog at a maximum rate of 45 litres per hour (oil based solutions) and a thermal mist at a maximum rate of 30 litres per hour (water based solutions). It is designed and built to perform these functions day in, day out and aims to set the standard in terms of quality of manufacture, ease of use and ease of maintenance for all future handheld thermal fog applicators.

Vehicle mounted ULV applicators

PronixNova also manufactures 2 Vehicle Mounted ULV applicators:

  • The SKIPPER 12 VMU ULV Applicator, a 11.7 HP 4 stroke version.

  • l The SKIPPER 20 VMU ULV Applicator, a 20.8 HP 4 stroke version.

Both units come with Honda power units as standard although other power options are available if required.

As standard two Nova MistTM nozzles are supplied with each model but should there be preferences for other nozzle configurations these options can also be offered.

The full support structure of both units is again Stainless Steel; skid and mounting platform, tubular guard rails, are all ‘hairline’ stainless steel or coated to the colour of choice.

A significant feature of both the SKIPPER 12 and SKIPPER 20 is that the complete pumping control assembly, which is secured in a shock proof briefcase on the machine, can be readily disconnected and separately stored from the unit when not in use; this renders the complete machine inoperable and secure from any possible misuse.

Each model also has a mobile transport and storage platform, manufactured from stainless steel, to ease the storage of each unit during downtime. These platforms are stackable whether loaded or unloaded.

The SKIPPER 12 or SKIPPER 20 is simply loaded onto the mobile platform and hand-pushed into position for storage. For multiple units the four arms are raised and locked into position and the second mobile platform is loaded on top. Maximum load capacity is three units.

The future for PronixNova UK Ltd?

The company is flexible and responsive to its customers’ needs and will continue to develop its range of products by listening to what the customer needs and not by telling the customer what the company thinks he or she should have!

It is this one simple but powerful approach which sets the company apart from the crowd and which, coupled with innovation, great quality products and an enthusiasm and passion, will continue to take PronixNova Ltd to all parts of the world as a leading manufacturer of vector control and pest management equipment.

Published in International Pest Control – May/June 2019 issue.

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